10 must-haves to avoid rental scams

When it comes to rental scams, knowledge is power. Make sure you look out for these 10 things when searching for and applying to rentals.

how to avoid rental scams

Stay safe while renting online

Get your copy of this checklist to recognize and avoid common rental scams.

This checklist will help you when you're


With this checklist, you’ll be able to detect immediately if something is wrong with the listing or the landlord. Fears we will address:


  • Encountering fake rental ads that are hijacked or pulled from sales listings
  • Meeting landlords who are not who they claim to be


This checklist will also help you protect your personal information. Fears we will address:


  • Suffering from identity theft as a result of giving away too much personal information
  • Getting your bank account hacked after providing banking information
signing a lease


Finally, this checklist will ensure that you don’t commit yourself to a rental you will dread to live in. Fears we will address:

  • Losing money as a consequence of paying for a nonexistent rental
  • Living in a rental that is not what you signed up for

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