Short-term vs long-term rentals...which one is right for you?

Get your answer today! Follow the questions in this flowchart and find out whether you should rent out your unit as a short-term rental or a long-term rental.

landlords guide short vs long term rentals

Get your answer: short- or long-term rental

Download our free flowchart to decide which contract type is right for you.

This flowchart will help you decide by evaluating your

what is the rental market like

Rental Market

Through this flowchart, you will become more aware of factors in your rental market that can affect which lease type you choose. Factors we will consider:

  • Seasonality
  • Level of rental activity

Renter Demographic

This flowchart will also help you gain insights about the renters you attract. Factors we will consider:


  • Types of renters based on location
  • Different renter preferences
how do you find tenants

Rental Process

Finally, this flowchart will help you reflect on your rental process and its impact on renting out your unit as a short- or long-term rental. Factors we will consider:

  • Time it takes to find and screen tenants
  • Ease of traveling to your rental property

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